Preparing the Libyan Tech community for the second Quantum Revolution.

Hi dear all quantum enthusiasts! 

Welcome to the OneQuantum Libya Newsletter (See website here). 

OneQuantum Libya is a subchapter of OneQuantum Africa, a chapter of OneQuantum - the global quantum tech community that brings everyone interested and active in quantum opportunities to collaborate, learn and exchange.

Our parent chapter, OneQuantum Africa, is a not-for-profit organization registered in South Africa and has successfully built the Africa quantum community guided by four pillars: communities, mentoring, careers, and projects. See KPIs from the recent First Quantum in Africa Summit here.

Quantum technologies promise far-reaching impact, and it is essential for anyone active or interested, no matter their background, skills, origin, gender, race, or goal, to get involved and contribute without limits.

It’s very clear that the Libyan educational systems are suffering big-time when it comes to the existence of the high-end technological expertise which can guide the governmental sectors as well as the big private enterprises, towards adapting the change in their infrastructures as well as preparing the right opportunities for the workforce that must be needed, with either technical or academic background.

OneQuantum Libya will be working very close with organizations and startups within the scope of advertising quantum tech to Speak with one voice to influence government action, vendor relationships and our ecosystem as a whole. So, our main mission, is to help the local institutions & organizations, close the huge gap that exist in the governmental sectors by defining the needed resources to prepare a strong academic background for the future quantum researchers by means of building the proper environment for them.
We will rig out the Libyan community with strong online networking opportunities and access to the global community by offering events, summits, mentoring programs.

I call on the Libyan community to come and join OneQuantum Libya effort, where we are aiming to advocate quantum technologies and incubate the development of the quantum ecosystem & educational systems in Libya with diversity of industries within the private and the governmental sectors. 

If you want to volunteer, partner, or support us, please reach out to me with your goals on LinkedIn; Abdulmalek Baitulmal or email me at

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AbdulMalek Baitulmal | President | OneQuantum Libya